5 things we want from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

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More Alolan forms

The Pokemon Direct specifically mentioned new Pokemon, and while I’m 99% sure that just means new forms for Solgaleo, Lunala, and probably Necrozma (judging by the armor those two are wearing), wouldn’t it be awesome to get some Alola forms for some of the Pokemon that were missed the first time? What if Doduo was a flamingo? Or if Clefairy sported enormous tropical flowers? What about those fake images of a pink Dragonair that got passed around for awhile? I’m okay with any or all of those.

I would also be interested in seeing Alolan forms of Pokemon that weren’t just Kanto Pokemon, but I respect how difficult it would be to select which Pokemon were up for Alolan form status from the sheer number we have now. Could we at least get new Mega Evolutions, since we’re obviously not getting rid of them anytime soon?

Game Freak is letting the potential to design crazy new versions of their current roster of Pokemon fly out the window, and I will not have it. A quick Google search of Alolan forms or Mega Evolutions reveals all of my wildest dreams coming true. I need Game Freak to be just as bold as the fan community wants them to be with these things.