5 things we want from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

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Credit: The Pokemon Company/Game Freak (Pokemon Sun and Moon official screenshot)

A battle with ourselves

And by that I mean, a battle with ourselves from Sun and Moon! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon supposedly are “alternate” stories to Sun and Moon, which to me means taking place around the same time. Well, at the same time, my character in Sun and Moon would have been becoming the Alolan League Champion!

Wouldn’t it be neat if the game could read your save data from Pokemon Sun or Moon and populate a team to battle against you with the same Pokemon you beat the Elite Four with in that game? They’d have to be at a fixed level, to make it fair, but the team could still be the same and perhaps the trainer could have the same appearance you did when you first became Champion. That would be some heck of an epic fight!

I’m not sure who else could be the champion, if not us, and there’s certainly precedent for the game getting such info. In Pokemon Black and White 2, the game makes direct reference to your player character from Black and White if you have save data on your system from the game. It’s not impossible that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon could take that reference a step further.