5 things we want from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon

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More robust customization

Frivolous? Yes, a bit. But one of my weird peeves with Pokemon Sun and Moon was that the trainer customization options weren’t nearly as robust as in Pokemon X and Y. As a female player, I was limited mostly to tank tops, skirts, and capris. I missed the more artistic wardrobe of X and Y, as well as the ability to don actual jeans without the fake rips.

Pokemon X and Y had boutiques that rotated their stock daily for a wider variety of outfit combinations, while in Sun and Moon, each shop had a set stock. I know it’s not the fashion-conscious region of Kalos, but surely the Alolans know how to dress themselves well, too!

And, okay, since we’re talking customization, I may as well throw this in here: I’d kill for Secret Bases and Partner Pokemon to come back. I know, I know! Pipe dream-level stuff here. But I’ve got an image of a cute girl trainer in a flowy dress bouncing around Alola with a Raichu at her side before camping out in a treetop base full of cute, round, Rowlet plushes and tasteful rugs. Stop getting rid of the best features, Game Freak!