Check out the new new Wonder Woman clip and international spot


With Wonder Woman less than a week away, some new footage makes the case that the film is both funny and full of fight scenes.

Anticipation for Wonder Woman may be at its peak at this point. The movie comes out this Friday; the review embargo, per Neil Miller of Film School Rejects, lifts tonight (stay tuned for our Wonder Woman review). So what better time to check out some fresh clips?

io9 posted a pair earlier today, but we want to break down the full clip before the TV spot.

Check it out below:

Even Wonder Woman herself, Diana of Themyscira, struggles with a revolving door. Rest assured that yours truly will be referring to this incident for years to come. (io9 calls it “her biggest challenge in Man’s world,” to which we reply: going through a revolving door while carrying something is not easy.)

But, on a slightly more serious note, just seeing how earnestly Diana says she wants to go through the door herself is such a nice touch. She also takes handing her weaponry over just as seriously. Also, based on the outfit here, this is probably why she ends up having to just block all of the bullets with her bracelets in that alleyway scene we’ve already dissected.

We do have to disagree, though: the sword and the shield definitely go with the outfit! The only real problem is the hat, at least to our way of thinking.

Now, we get to the TV spot:

That title says it all, doesn’t it? “Diana vs. Ares.” What I find most fascinating is the color contrast here. Even in the above clip as well as in the footage shown as part of the spot, there’s a lot of blue and gray in terms of color and atmosphere. All of a sudden, the fight transitions into oranges, reds, and even black. (The text, meanwhile, opts for gold, which shouldn’t come as a surprise.) Based on this stating that the film comes out on “31 May” and the use of English text, this is actually probably a spot for Singapore.

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Americans, though, will need to wait until June 2.