Wonder Woman saves lives and stop bullets in first movie clip


In a new clip of the film, Diana Prince and Steve Trevor encounter a “bad guy convention,” and of course, Wonder Woman wrecks them all. With some help.

“Hi, my name is Wonder Woman, a.k.a Diana of Themyscira. I fight for humanity, look cute and wear these sweet bracelets that stop bullets like it’s a regular Sunday afternoon.”

Basically, that’s the entire gist of Wonder Woman. Of course, she carries a golden lasso —which glows and looks like the ultimate accessory in every trailer it pops up in— along with a shield and the Godkiller sword. But as has been pointed out already, those things are chunky. They’re slightly cumbersome. Whereas her gauntlets fit under her coat and provide a sexy offset to whatever period clothing she’s wearing at the time. Chic and practical, if you will.

In a new clip for the film, she puts her gauntlets into action. We’ve seen teases of the scene before, but now, we get to watch it in its entirety and learn Dr. Maru / Dr. Poison’s henchmen are after a journal that apparently Steve and Diana stole.

Check it out:

Look, regardless of how you feel about Chris Pine, the idea behind this scene says so much.

Here you have a man (Steve Trevor) do what he feels is his duty to protect a woman (Diana) and put his best macho foot forward. He headbutts a guy first, but the very second he realizes that Diana’s more capable than him, he steps back. He doesn’t try to steal the show, and he doesn’t try to be the hero. He simply gets out of the way and returns just in time to provide an assist at the end.

Meanwhile, Wonder Woman’s not carrying him around or trying to emasculate him in any way either. She also isn’t being overly aggressive with the bad guys either. It’s just deflect, deflect, deflect.

Then, the scene ends with Wonder Woman’s gauntlet absorbing the impact of a bullet. The effects for that alone make me giddy. If this level of quality carries throughout the whole movie, we’re in a good place.

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Wonder Woman releases on June 2 and tickets are on sale now!