Want Wonder Woman’s shield? No bigs, just follow this video and go make one


Wonder Woman hits theaters next weekend and will probably make you want to pick up her iconic shield yourself, so here’s a video on how you can.

Okay, now don’t let the title fool you. Unless you’re super familiar with ironworks and how to play with extreme heat and steel, creating a functional Wonder Woman shield won’t be that easy.

But thanks to the folks of Man at Arms: Reforged, we can get a really good idea of what it would take to get something that deflects bullets. Of course, for comics fans, we know that a lot of Diana Prince’s “gadgets” were either given or fashioned for her by Greek gods. For example, at one point, she wore sandals from Hermes while in the New 52, she visits Hephaestus for armaments.

In the video below, watch as an actual shield is shaped and formed. Plus, they even test it out to prove that it’s ready for battle.

As you can see, it takes a lot of time, patience … and love. You can also see that they give their best effort to remain as close to what we see in Batman v Superman. But as the video explains, the Man at Arms shield isn’t just a prop replica. It deflects cucumbers like it ain’t no thing!

(Also, Ilya — the bladesmith/arms master — was wearing a Star Trek shirt.)

Plus, it’s not just steel and heat. There’s wax and plastic work being done, too. Which means, the Man at Arms shield far surpasses anything you can buy at your local toy store. And while it may be a little much for cosplay, imagine hosting a dinner party. Your guest asks for another glass of wine, then suddenly, the shield catches their eyes. The second they try to pick it up — boom! You just start laughing because that ain’t your momma’s toy.

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Obviously, that’s hypothetical because you can’t buy the Man At Arms’ shield. To have one, you’d need to make it yourself. (Good luck.)

Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 2.