10 reasons why Steve Trevor is the best superhero sidekick

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6. He’s a warrior

Most of the superhero love interests who lack superpowers are either reporters or whatever other normal jobs they have. Lois Lane is exceptional but she isn’t a warrior, unless you consider her take down of the hard facts as such.

But with Steve, it is different. He comes from the land of war where he is in the middle of battles for his job. He crash landed on Themyscira because of the war to end all wars (AKA World War I) where he was serving as a spy.

The thing is, he’s not just a warrior in the sense of his duties in the war. He’s also a warrior because of his willpower and tenacity to continue to do what he thinks is right to end the war. When it comes to fighting and wartime, we see the true heroes out there. And Steve is definitely one of them.

And he is a warrior in all his incarnations. That’s right, Steve comes up in the Wonder Woman comics quite a few times in different ways. And he is always there, fighting and doing what he thinks is necessary. Lucky for him, he usually has Diana there to fight right along side him.