10 reasons why Steve Trevor is the best superhero sidekick

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5. Steve Trevor is a mystery

While part of his story is that he is a spy, the rest of Steve Trevor is truly mysterious. And honestly, that’s as it should be. Because hear me out, the story is not about him. As much as I love Steve Trevor, and believe you me, I love Steve Trevor, he is not what is important in the Wonder Woman world.

Yes, he is a fully realized character and he has thoughts and emotions, but he doesn’t need an origin story. We don’t need to sit and see everything that made him into the character we now see before us.

And even Chris Pine himself has said in interviews that Steve’s background isn’t really known but, as I said before, that’s not really a necessary addition to his character. He doesn’t need to have everything about him be known.

That’s the joy of the love interest in a superhero movie: their background isn’t what’s important. And especially in regards to Steve. I’m sure we’ll eventually learn more about him but, for now, it’s perfectly fine that we just know that he is a spy and that he crash landed on Themyscira. We love him even if we don’t know every little detail about him.