10 reasons why Steve Trevor is the best superhero sidekick

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7. Those blue eyes

Now this isn’t really up to Steve himself. Yes every version of Steve Trevor has had blue eyes but we’re going to focus more on the eyes that own him now. Yes fans, I’m talking about Chris Pine’s baby blues.

If you don’t know, I have personally talked extensively about the importance of Christopher Whitelaw Pine. In fact, I wrote a 25 page article on him. There I talk about all his accomplishments and why he is great but you know what we can’t ignore? Those eyes.

And now they embody Steve as well. Here’s the thing about Chris’s blue eyes: they force you to listen to whatever he is saying. Which is great for an actor and even better for this character. It makes you want to believe everything Steve is telling you.

You end up trusting him and what he has to say or do more because of them. Again, Steve Trevor always has blue eyes but there is just something about Chris’s eyes that are special. And so now that special quality is embodied in Chris and we all get to bask in the glory of Chris Pine’s beautiful eyes now being Steve Trevor’s baby blues.

But really if you don’t love his eyes, you’re wrong.