10 reasons why Steve Trevor is the best superhero sidekick

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1. He’s just a good guy

When it comes to comic book love interests, we usually get the gambit. They’re either dull or not important enough and they’re usually women. But now that Steve Trevor is on the big screen, people are learning about what an amazing guy he is.

He doesn’t really ask for much, just Diana’s help stopping the war. Steve works hard and respects the women in his life even though it wasn’t fitting for the time. But most of all, Steve just generally tries to do what he thinks is best for the world.

So many times in these movies, they end up being selfish because they want more greed for themselves. But from what we can tell, that’s to the case with the Wonder Woman universe and Steve Trevor as a whole!

Basically he is a sweet boy who deserves the world. And maybe I am biased because he is a great character but also because my favorite actor is playing him, but either way, I think it is a great character to have in your movie.

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