Chris Pine talks Steve Trevor and his importance in Wonder Woman’s story


Steve Trevor is an important character in the Wonder Woman lore but not that many know of his importance. Chris Pine explains a little about him.

Chris Pine is taking on the role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and it’s very clear that people don’t really know anything about Steve. From most of the internet comments, people are leaning more towards “why does Wonder Woman need a man to do anything” rather than knowing the lore of Steve.

Steve Trevor is the reason Diana leaves Themyscira in the first place. Without him crash landing onto Paradise Island, she wouldn’t have come to mankind. But Steve brings her here and he never forces his status on her as a man, from as far as we can tell.

As is seen in the interview, Chris, much like Steve, is fascinated by Diana and her power. She represents hope.

"It’s a very modern telling of this story. It’s beautifully rendered. And it has a pretty wonderfully beautifully transparent message of that no matter how ugly this world gets that we live in, no matter how much death we encounter, no matter how many homicidal dictators are out there, no matter how much genocide happens, no matter how many wars happen, there is still hope in the best parts of ourselves. To be good and to protect one another and to do right by one another, that’s what we should hold onto and that’s what she represents."

So while Steve Trevor is part of the story and is why Diana is part of World War I, it is clear that Steve, much like Chris Pine himself, knows that it is Diana’s message that is most important.

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Wonder Woman hits theaters June 2. The reviews are already in and they’re saying this is one movie you won’t want to miss!