10 reasons why Steve Trevor is the best superhero sidekick

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2. Blond boys are pretty great

Blond hair, blue eyes, a body made for an Amazon queen? Sign me up! In case it wasn’t clear, I was referring to Wonder Woman’s boyfriend Steve Trevor. Not only do we get a blonder Chris Pine but apparently there are some lovely objectifying scenes of Pine.

Which is exactly what I want in my movies. I hope that Chris has a scene where he is making eggs shirtless in a pair of gray sweatpants. I want that scene from Batman v. Superman to be in every DC movie from now on.

But I do think that Steve Trevor is a beautiful blond boy who just wants to do what he can to help stop the war. And really any excuse for them to die Chris’s hair just a little bit lighter is fine by me. Basically, blond boys are precious little angels.

Or maybe just Steve Trevor or Chris Pine are. But no matter what, we love seeing Chris push those beautiful gold locks out of his face to make sure he can see everything going on before him. And do you blame him? If my blonde hair was that pretty, I’d be constantly pushing it out of my face so you could look at it.