Twin Peaks season premiere live stream: Watch online


It’s finally here. Here’s everything you need to know about the Twin Peaks season premiere live stream, and how to watch it online.

This is a TV event that has been years in the making, and it’s finally here. Showtime will air the premiere Sunday at 9, but we know everyone can’t get to a TV. Here’s all the information you need to watch the Twin Peaks season premiere live stream. And the deets about how to watch online.

The upcoming revival has gotten so much buzz. But nobody really seems to know what the show will be about. We know it picks up 25 years later, and a lot of familiar faces will return, but we just don’t know any real plot details. David Lynch & Co. has been pretty tight lipped about story details. However we know it will have his signature look.

These days, Lynch has become an adjective. Other shows are sometimes described as “Lynchian” as a way to talk about style or aesthetics. Twin Peaks was a turning point in TV, ushering the way for the “new golden age” and opening the door for “prestige TV.”

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David Lynch advised fans to watch the Twin Peaks‘ movie, Fire Walk With Me, that aired after the series went off the air. By the way, you can watch the two-hour Fire on Hulu with the Showtime add-on, Amazon Prime with a Showtime add-on or rental option, or Showtime.

The original show ran for two seasons in 1990, and even the most devoted fans might have trouble keeping up with all the characters and plot twists. Check into the Twin Peaks refresher ahead of Sunday’s premiere to get caught up on all the important details.

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So here is everything you need to know to watch Twin Peaks online:

Date: Sunday, May 21

Start time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “Pilot”
TV Channel: Showtime
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

Don’t  forget to check back here on Mondays for the juicy dish on all things Twin Peaks.