David Lynch talks Twin Peaks: Confessions, revelations and inspirations


David Lynch talks Twin Peaks, including confessions about the origin story, reveals info about the reboot, and the inspiration behind it all.

In an interview with Variety, David Lynch talks Twin Peaks, and offers a lot of insight into the world of Laura Palmer’s murder and Agent Dale Cooper. Maureen Ryan dug into a lot of questions about the original and got Lynch to dish about the inspiration for the upcoming series.

The new reboot has more buzz than perhaps any other show this year. And for good reason. When the show premiered in 1990, it’s short two seasons caused such a disruption in the television canon, folks didn’t know what to make of it. Never before had anything hit our screens with as much eccentricity, stylized beauty, or clever winks. We lost our minds over this show.


Here’s some of the best moments of Ryan’s interview with Lynch, star Laura Dern, and Showtime CEO David Nevins.

"“Twin Peaks as a place is a proper noun, but it’s almost become an adjective.” – David Nevins"

As an adjective, Twin Peaks has a pretty specific connotation. Every thing from it’s cinematography, character development, and even it’s soundtrack is singular to the franchise. It’s easy to put a fine point on something else by describing it as “Twin Peaks-y.” When something is eerie, but funny; inappropriate but ultimately right; gothic yet completely modern; it’s referential to Twin Peaks.

"“I don’t think anyone who ever saw Twin Peaks’will ever have it not ingrained in their memory and imagination for the rest of their lives,” – Laura Dern"

Dern reportedly plays a yet undefined role in the reboot, but she collaborates with Lynch often. She’s right about Twin Peak’s impact. It’s hard to unsee anything from those 30 episodes and they stay with you. The revival presented a challenge to to showrunners for this very reason. How can you recapture that kind of magic?

"“It comes in a burst. An idea comes in, and if you stop and think about it, it has sound, it has image, it has a mood, and it even has an indication of wardrobe, and knowing a character, or the way they speak, the words they say. A whole bunch of things can come in an instant.” – David Lynch"

When Lynch first thought about breathing new life into the series, it proved harder than he thought. In fact, Variety reports the new iteration of the show almost didn’t happen. It was a lot of moving parts that just didn’t seem to want to come together.

The first seeds of thought began in 2012, as the 25 year anniversary was approaching. It took years of negotiation and collaboration, complaining directors and script disputes, but there was finally a script in 2015. In fact, it was a “400 page behemoth.” 

"“The roof was so warm, but not too warm. It was just a really good feeling — and into my head came the red room in Cooper’s dream. That opened up a portal in the world of Twin Peaks.” – David Lynch"

Lynch tells this story when he thinks about how he conceived of the original series. The “red room” wound up in the third episode of season one, but it’s also the conceptional seed for the reboot. While the original centers on the murder of Laura Palmer, the new season is a complete mystery. Variety notes that “none of the 18 episodes will be released in advance to critics, and very few details have leaked out.”

Twin Peaks

"“David, when he works, he’s very committed to Gordon. So when I’m in there with him, he’s able to really hold it. He holds it better than I do, to be honest.” – Kyle Machlachlan"

One of the details we do know, however, is that David Lynch himself will turn up in Twin Peaks as FBI Regional Bureau Chief Gordon Cole. In fact, Nevins let it slip that his role is “pretty prominent,” and then walking it back by saying, “I probably said too much.”

You’ll recognize familar faces such as Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper), Madchen Amick (Shelly Johnson), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne) and Ray Wise (Leland Palmer). But you won’t get a glimpse of some of the other series regulars like Joan Chen, Michael Ontkean and Lara Flynn Boyle.

Even though Showtime is being super tight-lipped about which characters Dern, Ashley Judd, Tim Roth, Naomi Watts and Robert Forster  will play, we know they’ll make an appearance.

"“It’s going to be very different this time around.” – Mark Frost"

Mark Frost, co-creator of the series, warns audiences not to expect a similar structure as the first two seasons. “‘The scope of the reboot is greater,’ says Nevins, adding that the new installments of the drama reflect Lynch’s advancement as an artist.” Interestingly enough, the new series will have scenes outside of the original Pacific Northwest setting. “There are different threads in different parts of the U.S.,” teases Nevins.

"“Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me  is very important to understanding what’s coming May 21″ – David Lynch"

So it looks like we have quite a bit of homework to complete before the series premieres on May 21st on Showtime.

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