The Leftovers s3ep6 “Certified” synopsis + live stream: Watch online


On The Leftovers tonight, we catch up with former therapist/cult member Laurie Garvey. Here’s the information you need to watch the episode.

What’s Laurie Garvey doing in Australia? Last week’s episode of The Leftovers showed the one-time Guilty Remnant accompanying her current husband on a seemingly preposterous mission to bring her ex-husband back home. Aside from Matt, though, all of the characters’ motivations for heading Down Under are ambiguous. Did Nora want to bust the LADR experiment or participate in it? Did Kevin want to be with Nora, or did he just want to escape?

Laurie wasn’t supposed to go, basically forcing her way into Matt’s group of “wise men”. She ostensibly wants to offer her counsel to Kevin, whom she believes is experiencing a psychotic break. But Leftovers characters never have such simple – or selfless – motives. What does Laurie really expect to get out of this?

The synopsis for this week’s episode, titled “Certified”, doesn’t clarify much:

"Laurie Garvey (Amy Brenneman), a former therapist, must become one again as she heads to Australia to help Nora (Carrie Coon) and Kevin (Justin Theroux) along their paths."

I hoped that a Laurie-centric episode would give us an opportunity to see more of Tommy and Jill. But now, that seems like a pipe dream, since Laurie is already in Australia. It’s a shame; the latter in particular has been more or less absent this season, despite Damon Lindelof’s claim that he regrets not giving actress Margaret Qualley a showcase in season 2.

On the bright side, we should at least get a better idea of Laurie and John’s dynamic. The reveal of their marriage in “The Book of Kevin” came as a surprise (they’d never even spoken before), so it will be interesting to see why they gravitated toward each other. And, of course, we can find out more about their work pretending John can communicate with the dead.

We’re also excited to finally see Laurie interact with Nora. Something tells us the two women won’t get along.

Here’s the live stream:

Date: Sunday, May 21

Start time: 9 p.m. EST

Episode: “Certified”

TV Channel: HBO

Live Stream:  HBO Go | HBO Now | Additional resources

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Carl Franklin, who’s responsible for “Guest” and the season 2 Laurie episode “Off-Ramp”, will direct. For the first time this season, Lindelof isn’t credited as a writer; instead, the script belongs to Patrick Somerville and Carly Wray.