Game of Thrones fashion gets a real-world Daenerys dress


Game of Thrones cosplaying just got a little easier for those who want to bring Daenerys Targaryen to life or for fans who just want to look cool.

It often seems like Game of Thrones clothing is restricted to the obvious: t-shirts, scarves, and the like. However, that doesn’t mean that those looking for something a little more fashionable (and show-referential) need turn to their own needles and thread.

We tip our hats to Fashionably Geek for the find.

However, it’s Elhoffer Design (lately of the Star Wars-themed Galactic collection) to credit for the design of this dress:

As noted in the Instagram caption, Elhoffer Design will actually hem the dress for you, which is a nice bonus, since it means that you don’t have to do it yourself and that you won’t necessarily be drowning in fabric right when it arrives. Also, it’ll arrive in July — just in time for both season 7 and San Diego Comic-Con, per a second Instagram post, so if you’re planning to go to the latter, you may want to work on your dragon props, your Valyrian, and braiding that platinum wig.

After all, that’s about as close as you can get to a show accurate dress without being entirely show-accurate. Interestingly, if you want to be relevant for the upcoming season, you can order a Dragon Queen Maxi Dress in black. (After all, Daenerys has switched to black based on both the season 6 finale as well as the season 7 photos.)

Additionally, that second caption states that the company has more Thrones stuff in store. Might we see a Cersei-red gown or even one of Sansa’s dark northern styles in the near future? What about something inspired by Brienne of Tarth’s blue armor? There are a lot of different ways to go here.

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Keep an eye on this possible line. Thrones is one of the few major fandoms that Elhoffer Design hasn’t really covered as much. To expand there seems like a wise move as we head into the summer and season 7.