Two More Star Wars Padmé Amidala Pieces Announced


Two more costumes from the prequel trilogy of Star Wars have inspired these two looks from Elhoffer Design, and suffice it to say they’re stellar.

Although the Star Wars Celebration fast approaches, and though other pieces in this same collection should be ready for the Orlando event, somehow we get the feeling that these two will be worth the wait. We’re talking about the Elhoffer Design Galactic Royalty Collection, which features looks inspired primarily by those of Padmé Amidala (with one exception, a cape based on Leia’s Bespin costume).

We credit Fashionably Geek with the find, but check out the photo below, posted by Elhoffer to its Instagram account:

On the left, you can spot the Galactic Dusk poncho, which, per the caption, comes with a band to gather up the front or the back. The yellow bleeding into a soft violet alludes quite clearly to one of Padmé’s gowns from Attack of the Clones. Specifically, she wears it when first arriving at the lake palace on Naboo. The poncho has also retained the bare shoulders of the original gown, although it does add in full sleeves. There’s only one size available, but the product page notes the model typically wears a size 2X.

On the right, we have the Galactic Sunset cardigan. You’ll recognize the color palette from The Phantom Menace. Remember, Padmé / Queen Amidala posed as one of her own handmaidens, and she wore a set of robes with the same colors. As a nod to how it helped conceal her face, this cardigan comes with a hood. The product page has a listing for up to a 2X/3X size.

The Instagram caption also notes that both of these pieces may look slightly different when they arrive, since the ombré effect is still a work in progress.

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