Fargo s3ep5 “The House of Special Purpose” live stream: Watch online


This week’s installment of Fargo ramps up the tension as things heat up for our characters. We have the synopsis and streaming information below.

Season 3 of Fargo got off to a rather slow start, taking its time setting up the various characters and storylines. But after Gloria’s revitalizing journey to California, the show seems to be finding its groove. At the halfway mark, the time for dilly-dallying has run out.

What can we expect from tonight’s episode? Here is the typically vague synopsis for “The House of Special Purpose”:

"Nikki and Ray’s retaliation has consequences for Emmit. Meanwhile, Gloria and Winnie start connecting the dots."

Last week, Ray impersonated his brother in order to access a safety deposit box that he believed contained the coveted vintage stamp. Instead, he found a sack of dog ashes. He did persuade the teller to let him withdraw $10,000 to compensate for the absent stamp. At the time, the sequence served mostly as an amusing excuse for Ewan McGregor to do Acting. Rest assured, though, it will have larger plot implications. $10,000 is hardly pocket change, after all.

Episode 4 also established a couple new alliances. First, V.M. Varga used Emmit’s class anxiety to persuade the Parking Lot King of Minnesota to accept him as a partner. Then, Winnie showed up at Gloria’s house with a hunch that the various Stussys are connected. We predict that one of these alliances will fare better than the other.

The title of episode 5 refers to the Ipatiev House, where Tsar Nicholas II and his family were executed after the October Revolution in 1918. It certainly ties into the themes of rebellion and immigration that have been percolating throughout this season of Fargo – which, you might recall, began in Cold War-era Russia. What does that mean for Emmit?

Here’s the live stream:

Date: Wednesday, May 17

Start time: 10 p.m. EST

Episode: “The House of Special Purpose”

TV Channel: FX

Live Stream:  FX Now | Additional resources

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Dearbhla Walsh directs this week’s episode from a script by Bob DeLaurentis.