Iron Chef Gauntlet episode 5 “Five Ingredients” challenge: Watch online


Some chefs live for multi-layered, complicated cuisine. In Iron Chef Gauntlet episode 5, the three remaining chefs must conqueror simplicity with a five ingredient challenge.

The competition has reached its boiling point. Only three chefs remain in Iron Chef Gauntlet. One will ultimately face three Iron Chefs in battle. Before the final challenge, the three chefs must face a difficult task, simplicity.

Food Network provides this synopsis for episode 5.

"Embracing the idea of less is more, Alton Brown puts the creativity of the remaining chefs to the test by having them pare down their ingredients. In a Chairman’s Challenge twist, one competitor will be eliminated on the spot after the tasting. The least successful dish sends one chef out of the kitchen, and only the final two Iron Chef hopefuls are left standing. The Secret Ingredient Showdown reveals an altar that takes the chefs back to where it all began, and judges Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Ching-He Huang determine which elite competitor moves forward to the finale to run the gauntlet and potentially join the ranks of Iron Chef."

Will a woman chef become the next Iron Chef?

Looking at the three remaining chefs, only Chef Dady has never faced elimination. While he won last week’s chairman’s challenge, he hasn’t been tested in the elimination challenge. It is debatable whether this situation is beneficial or hurtful.

Personally, I love that two women chefs, both from Chicago, are still in the running. Chef Izard and Chef Grueneberg have excelled in this program. While each chef has had a few missteps, both have been inventive and executed amazing dishes. Having one of them battling the Iron Chefs in the gauntlet would be a great statement for them personally and for women’s chefs. Maybe since Chef Izard is a mom, it would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Right Food Network, celebrate a woman chef on Mother’s Day right?

It’s about simplicity on this week’s Iron Chef Gauntlet. Want to watch it online? Check out the details.

Date: Sunday, May 14
Start Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “Five Ingredient”
TV Channel: Food Network
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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