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Brandi throws wine on Eileen – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Oh, Brandi. You’re kind of the worst. But we really, really love you for it.

Brandi Glanville, in those last few seasons, was the troublemaker we all knew RHOBH needed. She was wild, unfiltered, and wasn’t afraid to act like a moron to promote her own storylines. Our favorite kind of Housewife.

As volatile as Brandi was, nobody really saw this whole incident with the wine and Eileen coming. They weren’t even feuding. There was no argument or confrontation. No, this was Brandi just being whacked out. Because Eileen is a soap star, it seems completely normal to her to toss wine in her face. I mean… isn’t that what they do on soaps?

Obviously having a hard time separating real life and that she sees on TV, Brandi splashed that wine directly into Eileen’s face and laughed far too loudly directly after. She thought it would a funny joke, but Eileen’s designer jacket probably had other designs.

Brandi went on to a lot more silly shenanigans, including slapping Lisa Vanderpump in the face and offering oral sex to her. It was a wild ride, and usually this means longevity in the Housewives universe. However, Brandi’s instability worked against her, and she left the show. And not on great terms.