The best of Bravo: A study in the best and worst in humanity

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Cliff attempts to shave Marcell – Top Chef

This whole thing is an exercise in group dynamics gone terribly, terribly wrong. Four of the contestants, Cliff, Elia, Ilan and Sam, decided to blow off a little steam after a particularly grueling judges’ table. This included quite a bit of alcohol and a version of truth or dare that took a majorly  wrong turn.

Cliff Elia, Ilan and Sam decided they would shave their heads. Just for kicks, I guess. Drunk and disorderly, the four also thought it would be a good idea to shave Marcel’s head, whether he was willing or not. A sober mind would have deduced what a horrible idea this was. Especially when the prank includes physical brutality and a mild hostage situation.

Top Chef wasn’t know for delivering the high stakes drama like some of the other Bravo shows, but this particular scene really upped the stakes for the cooking show. Although I find it particularly tense when a steak is prepared medium instead of rare, most folks didn’t find this show to be particularly riveting. But watching these chefs bully the other really convinced me this show had much more to offer. I know I love a good physical altercation on my reality shows.