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Bethenny goes OFF on Luann in the Berkshires – Real Housewives of New York

Bethenny Frankel is one of the best things about the Real Housewives of New York. Bravo knew it when they begged her to rejoin the show a few seasons back, and they (probably) haven’t regretted it since. She consistently delivers good TV, quotable one liners, and extreme fierceness.

She is also kind of a loose cannon, and went off the rails a little bit. In a decidedly non-feminist move, she went after Luann in the most nasty, insulting, and degrading way. She pulled no punches, and it wound up making her look a little unhinged.

Trapped in the Berkshires at a Christmas party planned by Dorinda, tensions started to bubble over about a lot of old stuff. These ladies are terrible at conflict resolution, so nothing ever really goes away. A conversation to clear the air went totally sideways, and Bethenny wound up screaming at Luann. She called her a “slut,” and accused her of sleeping with “everybody.” Not cool, Bethenny.

She said a million other things as well, including accusing Luann of copying her haircut, and it made her look like a mean girl, bully. I’m a Bethenny fan, so I’m able to see her bad behavior objectively. Although it made her look bad, it certainly made for one of the most exciting episodes of the season.