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Kim removes her own IUD – Don’t Be Tardy For The Party

Y’all, this is the most insane thing I’ve ever witnessed, and I’ve seen some stuff. In this episode, Kim has diagnosed herself with ADD, and during a conversation with her husband decides that the hormones in her IUD birth control are contributing to her lack of focus. I know… it sounds insane, but this is what we love about Tardy For The Party. It’s ridiculous.

This show is Bravo at it’s best and worst. Kim is one of those Bravo-traditional characters that you love to hate. Or hate to love, whichever you prefer. She’s vapid and shallow, and her extreme attention-seeking is off putting at best. This whole IUD thing is a pretty concise example of this. Instead of letting Kroy have his few minutes of screentime with his chiropractor and such, Kim has to turn up the nuts by removing her own inter-uterine birth control device.

Kim does have a nursing background, don’t forget. And this is enough to convince her to pop to the downstairs powder room to dig around to remove the apparatus. She enlists Kroy’s help, and thankfully, the cameras wait outside. We can hear a lot of instructions being shouted, some huffing and puffing, and then the two emerge from the bathroom, with Kim holding the IUD by the string. I certainly hope they washed their hands.