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Asa and GG fight – Shahs of Sunset

These two were a lot of comedy and drama over the course of the show’s run. But this particular fight, which originated from a conversation about noses, things escalated very, very quickly. GG took off her earrings pretty early, so you just knew things were about to go sideways.

The girls shout and yell, but it’s GG who initiates physical contact with Asa. She’s yelling nonsensically, and it looks like everyone rushes over to hold her back. This seems a little like overkill. As Asa points out, there’s not much to her, calling her a “toothpick with a wig on.”

This only inflames GG further and she looks like a mouse hopped up on cocaine. She’s crazed, wild-eyed, and keeps coming for Asa. She starts throwing chairs, turning tables, and just all around wiling out.

As the the fight loses steam, folks come to GG to try to calm her down, but she’s not having it. It’s all so gross, that I can’t help watching it a million times. I can’t tear my eyes away from GG acting like an insane person and Asa keeping her cool (for the most part). See for yourself. Here’s the whole fight: