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Kathryn teaches Whitney a lesson about calling her a “gold digger” – Southern Charm

You can always count on Kathryn Dennis for an excellent reaction shot. She’s got face for days, and she’s not even trying to hide it. Couple that with an explosive personality and a lot of booze, and you’ve got her trying to get to Whitney.

She’s been called a lot of things in her life, but apparently “gold digger” is the most insulting. So, when Whitney says it to her face, she kind of loses her crap and lunges for him. Although Craig is there to intercede, I would really like to know how it played out if he hadn’t been. She looks like she might have actually done him physical harm.

Kathryn didn’t have the best reputation in this crowd, having slept with most of the  men in the click before she ever hit 25. Eventually she went on to get her hooks in the  much older Thomas Ravenel, had two babies with him. She’s grappled with addiction and rehab, but is back in the latest season as more sober and level-headed version of herself.

This doesn’t mean her days of lungeing for throats, screaming threats, and histrionic public displays of anger and drama are over. She’s still got a lot of fight left in her, and Southern Charm is all the better for it.