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Scheana and Shay’s divorce plays out at the reunion – Vanderpump Rules

Vanderpump Rules is known for it’s uninhibited shenanigans and nonsense. It’s nothing for these folks to get naked, drunk, and ridiculously stupid without so much as a thought about the looming cameras.  There’s not a lot that would shock me from this group, but I’ll admit, my jaw dropped when Scheana and her ex-husband Shay were reunited at the show’s reunion.

I’m still cringing from this confrontation. Although they split during the taping of the show, bringing them back together for the reunion was so horrific and and uncomfortable. It felt like we we had our faces pressed against their living room window, watch them hash out their very most intimate moments.

I’m all for honest moments on reality TV. Heaven knows they are far and few between. But this was too much. Listening to them hash out their struggles with his addiction, her controlling nature, money was far too intimate to me.

I watched most of this part of the reunion through my fingers, and you can tell the rest of the cast was just as uncomfortable. It was a hard watch, to say the least, and it only got more and more uneasy the more they talked.

Scheana obsessively fussed over her hair and makeup, dabbed at her mink eyelashes, and shrilly blamed Shay for everything that’s ever happened to her. She even has a new boyfriend, and Andy Cohen didn’t think twice about flashing those Instagram snaps. Ouch.