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Sheree pulls Kim’s wig – Real Housewives of Atlanta

Sheree broke girl code in a big way. Everybody knows you never, ever touch another woman’s hair without permission, much less give it a good hard yank. Kim handled herself much more gracefully than I would.

What started out as a reconciliation session, quickly went south. The ladies, who were initially out to dinner, took their petty arguing and squabbling to the street. The argument started over a she said/she said about somethings Kim spread about NeNe. Of course, Kim denied saying any of those things, and this infuriated Sheree.

Things didn’t even really get bad between Kim and NeNe, it was Sheree who followed her out into the street. They stood there, yelling and snapping, until Sheree just reached right up and gave that wig a yank. Of all the things she could have said or done, pulling that wig was about as insulting as it gets.

Sheree claims she was just straightening it, but I don’t believe that for one second. You don’t chase someone down the street, teetering in seven inch hills, to make sure their hair is on straight. They’ve since had their fair share of ups and downs, but that pretty much sealed RHOA’s fate as one of the messiest shows on TV.

In a weird twist of fate, Michael Lohan was lurking in the background. Lindsay Lohan’s dad came to Kim’s rescue and escorted her out of Sheree’s line of sight. I know. Weird, right?