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Tabatha finds a giant hairball in a salon – Tabatha’s Salon Takeover

The best thing about Tabatha’s Salon Takeover is her perpetual disdain for everything and everyone. She turns her nose up at things that anybody else would just be okay with.She’s usually ranting and scolding over just moderately offensive things. So, when something really gross happens, her extreme disgust for that thing is really what keeps this show afloat.

In this salon, they really needed her help. It was gross for sure, and Tabatha made her point by finding a hairball the size of a small cat. But she didn’t just point it out to the staff and demand they clean it up when she’s not around. No way. To offer maximum humiliation and attrition, she picks it up and actually hands it off to one of the employees. This employee receives it like she’s being knighted by the Queen of England, and Tabatha’s criticism tour continues.

For the most part, Tabatha winds up helping the salons in each episodes. Her tough love approach is usually just what they need to pull their sorry businesses into shape, and this one certainly needed it. Any salon that hasn’t cleaned in so long as to produce a ball of hair that big, needs all the help they can get.