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Stassi slaps Kristen, hard – Vanderpump Rules

More Kristen Doute. Of course she’s involved in all the most salacious moments in this show, and this episode doesn’t disappoint. Most of the time, I strongly disagree with any form of physical violence, but in this case, Kristen deserved the slap she got. In fact, she deserved a lot worse.

I don’t usually like to take Stassi’s side about anything. She’s a generally awful human being and is often doing things in direct opposition to my personal value system. However, in this case, she had ever right to slap her friend. Because said friend slept with boyfriend and lied about it for a really long time.

Stassi’s on again/off again boyfriend, Jax Taylor, is also a pretty sleazy excuse for a human. He cheated on Stassi so many times, it stopped even being a plot point in the show. That is, until Jas’s womanizing comes close to home, in the form of Stassi’s bestie, Kristen.

When the news broke, naturally they are all at a club, sloppy drunk, and goading each other on. Jax admits he slept with Kristen, in front of the whole group, and Stassi does the only reasonable thing. She hauls off and gives Kristen a good and healthy bitch slap. Kristen needed it.

The two have since repaired their friendship, and Stassi and Kristen have thankfully both moved on from Jax. But Vanderpump Rules will never forget. Ever.