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Kim returns Lisa Rinna’s gift of the bunny – Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

In terms of passive aggressive digs, Kim Richards might be the Queen. Kim and Lisa Rinna have been feuding all throughout RHOBH’s latest season. In fact, this is a carryover from past beefs that never really got resolved. But Kim got the last word in part 3 of the reunion when she offered the bunny that was heard ’round the world.

Earlier in the season, Lisa Rinna brought the bunny in question to Kim as a gift for her new grandson. As a substitute for an olive branch, Lisa gives the stuffed animal to Kim, and she accepted like she was willing to let things go. But, as the season played out, and Kim presumably saw all the nasty things Lisa made up about her, she just couldn’t accept a gift with such bad energy attached.

At least that was the excuse she gave when she gave the gift back. She claimed that she didn’t want her grandson to have anything with all that bad juju around him, but anybody whose seen the show knows Kim had an ulterior motive.

Most likely, she had seen all the things Lisa has said and done over the course of the season, and wanted to get back at Lisa by humiliating her. Welp. That’s exactly what happened.

If you’re wondering what happened to the bunny, you can find it in it’s new home in the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse. Andy Cohen really campaigned for it and now it’s somewhere everyone can enjoy it.