Supergirl showrunner gives more details on inspiration for General Zod


Supergirl’s executive producer Andrew Kreisberg talks about General Zod’s appearance and his untimely arrival in the Supergirl season 2 finale.

If you haven’t heard (or maybe you feel completely satisfied with Supergirl season 2 and therefore needn’t worry about these things), Andrew Kreisberg is the name of Supergirl’s executive producer. His job is to help steer the ship and keep it afloat.

But for some of us, the Supergirl ship is sinking faster than we can scoop water out of the boat. Or rather as fast as Alex’s box filled up in the latest episode. While many of the show’s problems aren’t entirely his fault, he doesn’t do a great job presenting a positive future for the show. In some instances, he says things that are contradictory to what we have to watch on our television on Monday nights.

For example, he spoke to E! Online and said, “but the show is called Supergirl and every character there is to service Kara’s story.”

And collectively, the fandom asked if he had seen any episodes from season 2 or if he understood that Mon-El was a thing that’s happening. Plus, they introduced Superman, Kara’s relationship with Alex has been on the ropes, and oh yeah, Supergirl doesn’t know who she is anymore or what matters most — being Supergirl or being Kara Danvers or just being a background character in her own show that coincidentally happens to be able to fly around National City when it’s convenient.

So yeah, the show’s called Supergirl, but it’s not doing Supergirl any good.

And so that brings us to our new information. I wanted to give some Kreisberg background before we dove in.

In a new interview with TVLine, Kreisberg talked about the appearance of General Zod in the season 2 finale. Recently, we saw pictures of Mark Gibbon on set as well, so Kreisberg really just clarified a few things.

"“He doesn’t have a lot of screen time, so I can’t say our interpretation is as nuanced as either [Superman/II‘s] Terence Stamp or [Man of Steel‘s] Michael Shannon, but we did one thing to put our own stamp on it — at least visually.”"

Now, he mentions they did something to make this iteration of General Zod their own.

And whatever they did, they decided to keep, “a little bit of that Nazi uniform look you’d see in the comics in the ’60s. Visually, he has a different look from the mechanical armor that Man of Steel did, or the real spacey clothes Richard Donner’s version had.”

Oh, I see.

The folks at Supergirl decided to choose the outfit that closely resembled a Nazi uniform. General Zod has been in the Superman comics since the ’60s. Which means, he carries 50 years worth of depictions in his back pocket and they chose the most problematic one.


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Andrew Kreisberg’s Supergirl airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.