Iron Chef Gauntlet episode 4 “Classic Combos” live stream: Watch online


Reinventing the classic combo can stump even the best chef. Iron Chef Gauntlet episode 4 challenges the remaining chefs to put their spin on classic combos.

Food creates memories. Some classic combos are at the heart of food memories. Maybe your mom’s mashed potatoes and meatloaf or beanie wienies come to mind. While not elevated, sophisticated cuisine, these types of food hold a special place. In this week’s Iron Chef Gauntlet, the chefs must take on classic combos.

According to the Food Network, episode 4 presents the following:

"Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary is an important tenet for Iron Chefs, and the Chairman’s Challenge assigns each competitor a classic one-two flavor combo. Alton Brown’s tasting determines the top and bottom chefs, with the least successful joining the winner’s chef of choice in round two. A deceptively simple Secret Ingredient that may ruffle feathers is revealed, then the two chefs make their most sophisticated culinary interpretation of the item. Judges Ali Bouzari and Iron Chef Cat Cora determine who stays and who goes."

This week’s episode is hard than it seems. Taking on classic combos could mean destroying a special food memory. No matter how delicious, innovative, or impressive the new dish is, it may not live up to the food memory. The chairman’s challenge could cause chefs to stumble.

While the secret ingredient for the elimination challenge isn’t revealed, my guess is chicken. Even though chicken is a popular choice for the home cook, chicken can be hard in a cooking competition. The blank slate that is chicken can become overwhelming for the chefs. Which direction do they go? Can chicken be the star of the dish? You will have to turn into episode 4 to see if my secret ingredient guess is correct.

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Date: Sunday, May 7
Start Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “Classic Combos”
TV Channel: Food Network
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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