American Gods episode 2 The Secret of the Spoons: Watch Online


American Gods is back tonight for episode 2. Find out what to expect from The Secret of the Spoons and how to watch it live online.

Last week, American Gods premiered on Starz to wide acclaim and no small amount of confusion. Basically, if you didn’t read the book, you probably have no idea what’s going on. But that’s totally OK — neither does Shadow Moon.

In episode 1, Shadow learned his wife died, got out of jail, got hijacked and hired by a crazy old con man, got beat up by a very tall Leprechaun, buried his wife, learned she’d been cheating on him, was kidnapped by a babbling dudeboi, and then beat up again by a gang of techno-fencer-astronauts, then hung, and finally mysteriously rescued.

While you will learn some more about what’s going on this week, don’t expect to understand right away. And don’t feel dumb about it. American Gods is a slow reveal. As each veil is stripped away, you and Shadow will discover that this story has more layers. And when you finally think you know what’s going on, you’ll both learn that there is even more going on under that.

And Shadow just keeps going with the flow. Why? That’s one of the biggest questions moving forward. Why doesn’t Shadow just walk away from the insanity? Keep watching to find out.

This week, for episode 2, Mr. Wednesday is going to take Shadow to Chicago to play checkers with the god of evil and meet some Slavic stars. If you aren’t going to be near your TV for tonight’s American Gods, here’s how to watch “The Secret of the Spoons” live online.

Date: Sunday, May 7

Start time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “Episode 2: The Secret of the Spoons”
TV Channel: Starz
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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