Fargo S3Ep3 “The Law of Non-Contradiction” Live Stream: Watch Online


On Fargo this week, Gloria investigates her murdered stepfather’s murky history. Follow the clues we’ve assembled below to watch the episode.

The messes on Fargo keep piling up. Season 3 began with a couple of fairly routine murders, both the unfortunate result of mistaken identity combined with unfathomable pinheadery. But by the end of episode 2, it became clear that this mystery is anything but straightforward, involving international mobsters, a secret safety deposit box, and… Hollywood?

Episode 3 looks to delve into that last one. After finding a stash of books under the floorboards of her now-dead stepfather’s bedroom, Gloria realizes that there’s a lot she doesn’t know about Ennis Stussy. For one, Ennis Stussy might not be his real name. Is Thaddeus Mobley, the name under which he published award-winning science-fiction novels, a pseudonym? Or did Thaddeus change his name to Ennis? Either way, how did he end up in Eden Valley, Minnesota?

Below is the official synopsis for the episode, titled “The Law of Non-Contradiction,” via TVGuide:

"Gloria (Carrie Coon) revisits her stepfather’s past to try and find some answers."

Well, that gives us precisely no useful information. Still, we look forward to seeing Gloria take center stage after spending the first two episodes of the season on the sidelines.

Here’s another reason to get excited: Fargo is going to Los Angeles! Even though it’s traveled back in time and featured UFOs, the anthology series has yet to venture outside the Midwest – that is, until this season. The premiere opened with a seemingly unrelated prologue set in Berlin during 1988, and now we’re taking a trip to Tinseltown, as Gloria investigates this Thaddeus Mobley character. We expect lots of Barton Fink references.

For once, the episode title has nothing to do with bridge. Rather, the law of non-contradiction is an idea in classical logic that posits two opposing statements cannot be true at the same time and in the same context. You can’t say, for example, the sky is blue and then say it’s not blue. One inherently rules out the other. The Fargo world seldom obeys logic, though.

Get the live stream information for this week’s Fargo below:

Date: Wednesday, May 3

Start time: 10 p.m. EST

Episode: “The Law of Non-Contradiction”

TV Channel: FX

Live Stream:  FX Now | Additional resources

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“The Law of Non-Contradiction” is the first season 3 episode not written by showrunner Noah Hawley. Instead, Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi penned the script, while John Cameron directs.