Casting News: Outlander season 4 has gone to the dogs


With filming of Outlander season 3 still underway we will have a bit of casting news for season 4. This news has gone to the dogs.

Huge casting news has just come out about Outlander season four.  I know, Outlander season three is still currently filming in South Africa and won’t premier until September 2017, but the show is anything but predictable. This bit of casting news for season four is courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and is going to the dogs.

At the beginning of season four not only will Outlander be set in a new location in North America but it will also be getting a new pet in the form of a Northern Inuit pup called Rollo. This puppy will become a critical part of the as the television series continues. Rollo’s owner is no other than Jamie Fraser’s spirited nephew, Young Ian (John Bell), and they are a match made in heaven. Prepare for your reproductive organs to explode from all the cuteness.

Here’s the picture of the adorable pups we will see in season 4 of Outlander.

For those of you who have made it to Diana Gabaldon’s fourth book, Drums of Autumn in the Outlander book series you understand how important Rollo will become to Young Ian. If the show stays in line with the storyline from the books, we will meet Rollo almost immediately in season four. Young Ian is struggling to adapt to a new country and wins the dog in a card game. While his Fraser family surrounds him, Ian is still very much alone.  Rollo and Young Ian quickly form a bond and save each other’s lives multiple times but also find companionship. Don’t let that cute puppy face fool you. Rollo will protect the Frasers and especially Young Ian at all costs.

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Now that Starz has started casting Outlander season 4; whom do you want to see announced? Tell us in the comments what you think.