Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD’s finale will bring back a familiar face


Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD will pull out all the stops for its season four finale. In fact, they just gave away a huge spoiler of a returning character.

You know Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD is going to go all out in its finale, right? The last third of this season has pulled no punches. The finale shouldn’t slow down—and it was just confirmed that it sure won’t slow down.

If you want to avoid spoilers for Agents of SHIELD’s season finale, I’ll put a friendly little SPOILER WARNING here so you can stop reading.



This season has been split up into three different story arcs instead of one, which seems to have worked better for its pacing and storytelling. I can’t think of any weak episodes this season offhand.

So it should come as no surprise that the show is bringing back a character from the start of the season for the finale. And since we’ve seen everyone else come back, it’s the one character we have yet to see.

That’s right, Robbie Reyes is set to return! And it sounds like we’re going to need all of Ghost Rider’s powers to stop Aida in her quest to destroy the world. Especially if the Madame Hydra version of her transports over into the real world.

At that point, when you’re going up against a ton of LMDs, you’re going to need all the help you can get. Daisy’s Inhuman powers can only get you so far. You need something otherworldly —underworldly — to have an upper hand. And he did disappear with his uncle, who has matter-creating powers…

Then again, maybe he shows up in some sort of crazy flashback. Or perhaps time travel is involved. Who knows what crazy plans Aida has up her sleeve!

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One thing is for sure: it will be one heck of a ride. A ghost ride, if you will. …I’ll see myself out…