40 binge-worthy TV shows: Watch them all right now because who needs sleep

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These 40 bingeable TV shows are worth all the time you’ll spend watching them. Just take my word for it.

Who needs sleep, or a life, or personal hygiene? When you have all this amazing TV to watch, you just can’t concern yourself with those other frivolities. These bingeable TV shows will make up for all the things that aren’t going great in your life, and help you celebrate all the things that are. Good TV is really the cure for all things, and it can be just the thing for any and all occasions.

These 40 shows are all you need to keep you busy through the summer, and beyond. There’s absolutely something for everyone on this list. Whether you like a good reality, or a gangster drama, or a buddy show, you’ll find a series to make you happy on this list. There’s so much to choose from, you might have to pick a handful, and just set up shop on your couch.

Don’t worry about leaving the house, meeting obligations, or being an adult. All that can wait until you finish the perfect show for the mood you’re in right now. Cut yourself a break, treat yo’ self, and get one of these shows in your queue immediately. You won’t be sorry.