Fargo Season 3 “The Principle of Restricted Choice” Live Stream: Watch Online


We now know the crime(s) around which Fargo season 3 will revolve. What now? Find out by following our viewing guide for this week’s episode.

After months of anticipation, Fargo season 3 finally premiered last week. It turns out that Scoot McNairy was this season’s Kiernan Culkin — a talented character actor who doesn’t make it past the first episode. Right when Maurice LeFay showed up onscreen, woozy from smoking pot, you suspected he was a goner.

Less predictable was the manner of his demise: crushed by a falling air conditioner. That’s Fargo for you. Even when it’s familiar, it’s weird.

And it’s only the beginning. Here’s the official synopsis for this week’s episode, “The Principle of Restricted Choice”:

"Gloria deals with the aftermath of a crime, Varga makes a move, and Ray and Nikki move on to Plan B."

Presumably, the crime in question isn’t the murder of Maurice but the one he committed. Tasked by Ray with stealing a vintage stamp from his brother Emmit, who lives in Eden Prairie, Maurice mistakenly went to Eden Valley instead and wound up at a different Stussy household. (Is Stussy really that common a last name in the Midwest – or anywhere?) We don’t know what happened next exactly, but Gloria arrived later that night to find her father sitting in front of the refrigerator with the freezer door open, dead.

On the whole, the summary above is hilariously unhelpful. Stuff happens! People do things! Not that we are complaining, mind you. Plot has never been Fargo’s main draw. Now that we’re past the set-up, the show will hopefully delve deeper into its colorful cast. Who is V.M. Varga? Is there more to Emmit and Ray’s rivalry than vintage stamps? What does East Germany have to do with anything?

Like the premiere, episode 2 derives its title from bridge terminology. Simply put, the principle of restricted choice states that when a player puts down a card, it decreases the probability that he or she holds an equivalent card. In terms of the story, it reflects the tight situations that several characters find themselves in. Ray and Nikki have committed a major crime. Emmit and Sy Feltz are in league with shady businessmen. Gloria lost her stepfather and is getting demoted. With all these desperate people, it’s only a matter of time before things go (farther) off the rails.

Here’s the live stream information for this week’s Fargo:

Date: Wednesday, April 26

Start time: 10 p.m. EST

Episode: “The Principle of Restricted Choice”

TV Channel: FX

Live Stream:  FX Now | Additional resources

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Frequent Noah Hawley collaborator Michael Uppendahl directs “The Principle of Restricted Choice”, and Hawley wrote the script.