The Leftovers Season 3, Episode 2 “Don’t Be Ridiculous” Live Stream: Watch Online


Last week’s premiere got The Leftovers season 3 off to an auspicious start. See if it continues with this week’s episode, which you can watch online here.

It’s good to be back in Miracle. Well, maybe not for Kevin Garvey and the other Leftovers characters, who continue to wrestle with spiritual and psychological turmoil, despite finding a semblance of stability. But for us viewers, the small Texas town, with its bridge, “holy” water, and inflatable Gary Busey statue, feels like the haven it’s supposed to be.

However, since this is The Leftovers, we can’t expect the relative lack of existential despair in “The Book of Kevin” to last long.

Episode 2, titled “Don’t Be Ridiculous”, will change direction in a couple of ways. You can read the official synopsis from HBO below:

"In her official capacity as fraud investigator for the Department of Sudden Departure (D.S.D.), Nora (Carrie Coon) travels to St. Louis to investigate a possible scam that involves convincing the family members of The Departed there’s a way to see their loved ones again."

Perhaps the savviest move The Leftovers made in season 2 was its decision to structure episodes around specific characters. It both tightened the plot and gave individual actors an opportunity to shine. We’re glad to see the show is sticking with this approach, even in its final season. The premiere followed Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) as he attempted to instill order in Jarden. This week’s episode revolves around Nora.

“The Book of Kevin” didn’t provide much information about Nora’s present circumstances. We know that she’s still with (married to?) Kevin; she still works for the D.S.D.; and she still has a wicked sense of humor (no one else could dismiss the concept of world peace so charmingly). At the D.S.D., she’s apparently gone from interrogating the bereaved to investigating them, putting herself at an even greater emotional distance.

At the same time, she’s traversing a physical distance, leaving Kevin for a trip to St. Louis. The last time Nora traveled to a different city, it resulted in one of The Leftovers’ best episodes, “The Guest”. So, we look forward to seeing what she finds by the Mississippi.

Here’s the live stream information:

Date: Sunday, April 23

Start time: 9 p.m. EST

Episode: “Don’t Be Ridiculous”

TV Channel: HBO

Live Stream:  HBO Go | HBO Now | Additional resources

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Keith Gordon, who previously helmed “Two Boats and a Helicopter” “Ten Thirteen”, directs. The press release for “Don’t Be Ridiculous” lists the writers as “Tha Lonely Donkey Kong” and “Specialist Contagious”, but if Wikipedia is to be trusted, they’re actually series creators Damon Lindelof and Tom Perotta.