Iron Chef Gauntlet: Episode 2 Nose to Tail Live Stream


After traveling through the woods and battle lobster, six chefs remain to take the nose to tail challenge in episode 2 of Iron Chef Gauntlet.

Food Network’s favorite reality television show, Iron Chef, returned triumphantly with the revamped Iron Chef Gauntlet. In the first episode, women chefs were the stars of the show. In winning the first challenge, Chef Stephanie Izard created a scrumptious duck tartare. Unfortunately, the other two women chefs were in the elimination challenge. Chef Sarah Grueneberg’s three lobster dishes saved her from the chopping block.

In the second episode, the remaining six chefs take on nose to tail cooking. Nose to tail cooking has chefs utilizing the entire animal. This style is becoming more popular with many chefs. The concept shows a great respect for the animal. Why waste any part of an animal that could be used. Everything is edible, as long as it is cooked correctly.

What can viewers expect in this episode? My guess is that there will be plenty of offal (organ meat) in various forms. The biggest challenge will be to create a delicious, well balanced, creative dish in the time limit. Hopefully, the chefs will push their limits.

Food Network previews episode 2 with the following synopsis:

"The six remaining chefs are greeted by Alton Brown, and he goes hog-wild with his second Chairman’s Challenge. Each competitor must showcase and transform the offerings into an Iron Chef-worthy dish, after drawing numbers to see who picks their ingredient first. Alton judges the dishes, and sends the lowest-ranking chef to a tropical Secret Ingredient Showdown against the winner’s choice. Judges Anne Burrell and Iron Chef Jose Garces eliminate one competitor, and five move closer to the Gauntlet."

Let the battle begin. The first episode of Iron Chef Gauntlet is here. You can stream this episode live online. Check out the details below.

Date: Sunday, April 23
Start Time: 9 p.m. ET
Episode: “Nose To Tail”
TV Channel: Food Network
Live Stream: Stream 1 | Stream 2

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