Is Saturday Night Live on Tonight, April 22?


As always, Saturday Night Live does a great job of taking on the weird politics in our country right now while making us laugh. But is it on tonight?

Well, short answer to the question of “is Saturday Night Live on tonight?” is no. But then it isn’t that easy. See while the show is scheduled to come back May 6 with Chris Pine hosting, we aren’t sure if that is actually going to happen.

Right now, there are threats of another writers strike brewing and if we don’t get it settled, that means we’ll miss the rest of the season. Which would suck because this is the end for Bobby Moynihan and we would hate to have a repeat of Maya Rudolph’s last season.

So while the writers do need to have a better situation, we hope it doesn’t escalate to the point of a strike. If not, Chris Pine will be joined with musical guest LCD Soundsystem on May 6. And much like Jimmy Fallon’s episode, it will be broadcast nationwide.

Speaking of Fallon’s episode, it was a pretty good one to go on a break with. The episode was solid, brought back favorite characters and gave us a whole new Harry Styles song to hold us over until his album is released. But we still hope that doesn’t end up being the last episode we get this season.

Especially because the rest of the season is pretty staked. From Chris Pine to Melissa McCarthy and the Rock, these last few episodes are going to leave us wishing Saturday Night Live could just stay on year round.

So here’s to hoping that a strike doesn’t happen and that we get more SNL. Lord knows we all need it.

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