Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 18 Jimmy Fallon Recap


The great host has returned to his home as Jimmy Fallon took the Saturday Night Live stage tonight with musical guest Harry Styles!

How long can Jimmy Fallon keep a straight face on Saturday Night Live? Well, tonight it lasted almost the entire show. Well, kind of. He had little cracks but not really a Fallon break. And really, maybe that is why this episode was perfect.

Cold Open

Is it surprising that Trump made an appearance on this big of an episode? And the cold open was pretty great. Especially when Jimmy Fallon came in dressed as Jared Kushner when he was visiting our military base.

Then it turned into a spoof on America’s Next Top Model  where Donald Trump has to choose between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner. And if you didn’t realize this before, you will after the cold open that we’ve never really heard Kushner speak.


Basically, Fallon didn’t do a monologue. No, he did it better. He just made it a giant dance party where he brought Harry Styles into it and really, it is just fun to dance and know that everyone is watching this monologue at the same time.

The west coast, the east coast, everywhere. It is pretty amazing.

Celebrity Family Feud

Starting off strong as the sketch right after the monologue, this Family Feud followed stars from 1977 with stars from 2017. And there were two different John Travoltas! Who played those two Travoltas?

Well, you guessed it! It was Jimmy Fallon! And he did a pretty great job running back and forth and changing his hair and eyebrows both times. And really, that was the most impressive part of the sketch. The impressions were great but Fallon killed it.

Legally Blonde the Musical

If you are a theatre kid at heart, this sketch probably hit home. It is a mix of the backstage production of Legally Blonde the Musical at a middle school and then how bad the production actually is.

And it is so sad because these kids are so excited about their production but it is so clearly bad and they’re so happy, which is definitely what happened when we theatre kids were in middle school productions too.

Truly, Madly, Deeply

Ever want to know what happened to the guy who pulled Dr. Dao off the plane on United? Well, Saturday Night Live showed us. And it was probably the greatest twist to a weird sketch that we couldn’t quite figure out.

So basically Fallon is singing to try and win his girlfriend back. And he proposes and says that he did something unforgivable but doesn’t say what. Until she says “you pulled a man off a plane this week” and then her current date? Well, he directed that Pepsi commercial.

White House Easter Bunny

Melissa McCarthy is back as Sean Spicer in this new Easter bunny sketch. Spicer apologized for his misunderstanding of the current situation in Syria, but then drove off in a bunny suit in an egg and said this might be our last Easter ever.

Really, just let Melissa McCarthy do whatever she wants. We’ll watch it.

Harry Styles

“Sign of the Times” is a beautiful song and Harry sang it with so much emotion and it truly was a fantastic performance. The song has a lot of gravitas in today’s world and it really makes us fans of One Direction so proud of him.

Then Harry premiered a new song and guys, this album is going to be incredible. This new song was lovely and had Harry playing guitar and hitting a high note and really, bless Harry Styles.

Weekend Update

Much like the rest of the episode, Weekend Update was pretty on point tonight. Michael and Colin called out most everything that happened this week and even the failed missile launch from North Korea.

They even covered Passover! And then a really sad New York comic took over and it got sad funny.

Union Army Camp

Well, this was strange, but also really funny and catchy. Basically there is a Union army camp and they’re singing a song to boost morale and then Fallon’s character added a bridge to the song and really, it was just about making an old war song cool.

The best part was, again, Harry Styles.

Turtle Shirt

This sketch was weird but there had to be one weird one. Basically it is about when you’re embarrassed and you want to hide away. And you can now do so in your shirts. Really, that’s the whole sketch. And it is pretty funny but just super weird.

Sully and Denise

They’re back. Sully and Denise take their daughter Denise to Harvard for her walk through since she got into the school. It was just a typical Sully and Denise sketch which was awesome because it was Sully and Denise so pretty much, we were laughing the whole time.


Basically the final sketch of the night is just about two background extras who can’t play basketball and are ruining a movie shoot. It’s funny and really a great way to wrap up this amazing episode.

Overall, the whole episode was pretty amazing and it was nice to have Jimmy Fallon back on Saturday Night Live.

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