Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 17 Louis C.K Recap


Finally after weeks of waiting, Saturday Night Live is back! And this week they had the return of Louis C.K as host with musical guest, the Chainsmokers!

We have waited for the return of Saturday Night Live for weeks and finally, the wait is over! With Louis C.K as host, the show came back with a vengeance and we’re excited to talk about all the sketches and Trump jokes that SNL took on last night.

Cold Open

With so many weeks having passed and all the things that have happened with the Trump administration, there really wasn’t any other way to start the show off! The cold open featured Trump visiting some of his voters in Kentucky.

The sketch was everyone complaining about everything going on in their personal lives that were effected by something that Trump did. So he just starts to get rid of everything and then asks if they still love him.


Louis C.K is a stand up comedian. If he wasn’t good at the opening monologue, it would be strange. But this monologue was all about Louis and his love of animals. Why he chose that route, we shall never know. But it is Louis and it was so funny.

He got a little real towards the end, explaining how for 28 years of his career, he wasn’t successful but he was happy. And it just continued to be the kind of Louis C.K stand up set that we are used to.


Ever see a beautiful pair of eyelashes and forget what you were thinking? Well, that’s this entire sketch in a nutshell. Basically a lawyer has beautiful eyelashes and the entire court room is in love with him.

No really, that’s the whole sketch and it is actually really funny. And maybe that’s just because it had Louis C.K blinking in the weirdest way for the entire sketch.

Thank You Scott

In the age of internet fights and people who very rarely leave their homes, people like Scott exist and think they’re changing the world. Basically the sketch shows a man who shares articles on Facebook to show that he cares about the important issues.

It was a music video and really got the point across in a cool way.

Spring Fling

I guess they didn’t know that a lot of people don’t like Louis C.K for his sexual assault rumors and his creepy remarks about women, because this sketch definitely didn’t help image of the comedian.

This is a sketch about the 50s where some girls come in complaining about not getting asked to the Spring Fling dance. It starts off innocently enough with Louis’s character saying that he would ask the girl who didn’t get asked out if he was her age.

Then it turns into a weird moment when they’re pretending what their not real date would be like and it was just kind of uncomfortable.


Honestly, this is the only commentary we need on that misguided Pepsi commercial. For those who don’t know what happened, you can’t really see it anymore. Basically Kendall Jenner stopped racism with a can of Pepsi.

When, in reality, if you handed me a can of Pepsi, I’d probably start a riot. But that’s a whole different story. So Pepsi finally took down the ad but that didn’t mean Saturday Night Live didn’t leave the issue alone.

Instead we got a wonderful sketch of Beck Bennet directing the sketch and realizing too late that this wasn’t a good idea.

The Chainsmokers

If you don’t know who the Chainsmokers are, trust me, you do. They sing that song “Closer” and pretty much every other song that is on the radio right now. And their performances were pretty cool, just singing their well known songs with cool neon lights on stage.

Weekend Update

“What would he look like if he had a stroke and said ‘cheese’?” When Weekend Update is good, there is truly no better commentary on the news of the world. And lucky for us, this week it was pretty amazing.

As is their normal now, the majority of the segment was news on Trump and everything he’s done since the show has been off the air. Which is a lot. And then they covered pretty much all the insanity that has been taking over the news recently and honestly, it was just a really good Weekend Update.

The O’Reilly Factor

If you didn’t think you got enough of Alec Baldwin in the cold open, don’t worry! In this sketch, you get TWO Baldwins!

Taking on Bill O’Reilly and the amount of money he paid off to women to keep quiet, the sketch just showed us what is going on in our society and how, apparently, sex offenders stick together.


Ernest was super sad on his birthday so he asked a clown to come and it was super weird. The sketch was just awkward (as it was designed to be) and was actually really funny. We got to see this clown doing all his normal tricks for Ernest sitting alone on his couch.

And then Ernest said he was going to cut up the clown and murder him. Really, when Saturday Night Live gets these sketches right, they’re so funny. And this is definitely one of those times.

Sectional Couches

I’m not sure. No really, there isn’t a way to describe this sketch. I just don’t understand what was going on. A man was trying to sell us sectional couches. It was weird and I think I’m going to have to watch it again to try and understand it but really, that’s the point. I think.

Tenement Museum Tour

In the final sketch of the night, a school group goes into a tenement building on a tour and watches a racist re-enactment. Basically these two people from the 1800s hate Italians. It’s funny, at least to me (I’m Italian) because there is a line that basically says that everyone knows Italians aren’t really white people.

Honestly, it was funny because Kate and Louis kept breaking during the entire sketch. Other than that, it was a little weird but part of the typical end of the night sketch.

Overall, it was a pretty solid episode and reminded us all that we missed Saturday Night Live for all those weeks it was away.

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