Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 16 Scarlett Johansson Recap


With Scarlett Johansson hosting, everyone eagerly tuned into Saturday Night Live this week and it didn’t disappoint us, especially with Lorde singing.

This week Saturday Night Live had the Black Widow herself, Scarlett Johansson, hosting with musical guest Lorde! And the episode was as we all expected. After all, this does make her part of the Five Timers Club now.

Cold Open

This was fine. While we know that Alec Baldwin won’t be Trump forever, it is a little disappointing that this is one of his cold opens. Mainly because it was just fine. It wasn’t that funny but it did give us a look into how terrifying it would be to have Trump as our president in a crisis.

Again, not the greatest cold open they have had in recent times but it was still funny and an interesting look on Donald Trump and his ‘aliens’.


For those who don’t know, the Five Timers Club is a big deal. And now ScarJo is part of it! So the monologue was really just about being the host for the fifth time and then Kenan being on the show the longest.

It wasn’t really anything incredibly special, just commenting on the fact that she is now one of the elite. And then they ripped off the Subway song and the show was underway.

Zoo Pornographer

The Zoo Pornographer is a mistake that the news continues to make when Danny Bangs is a photographer. But the graphic artist doing the work for the news station continues to have it say that he is a pornographer.

Fire Island

Making fun of the shows on Logo TV, Fire Island is an island for homosexual men. But now, there is Cherry Grove that follows five lesbians and their house with all their babies. It was just a funny little commercial.


“I like Trump, he’s my man.” Honestly the funniest sketch of the last two episodes. Three scientists create something that can let us talk to our dogs. But what happens when our dogs are Trump supporters? Well, you can see what happens with Max.

Basically the dog just speaks like someone who loves Trump and it’s funny. There isn’t anything more too it, it was just a unique idea that ended up really working.

Olive Garden

Olive Garden is a magical place and people walk in acting like they have never seen a restaurant before. But then the director gets racist and everything gets awkward. Basically, he just is trying to make it look like the Olive Garden is amazing. But at the cost of the actors.

Then it just gets weird and is honestly a pretty good sketch.


The sketch that now is getting some flack, this called out Ivanka Trump in the best possible way. Ivanka is a ‘feminist’ and a woman who wants the best for women yet she continues to let the things her father say go on.

So people are calling her out on it. And that is honestly causing a riff in the Trump party. But Saturday Night Live did an incredible job on this sketch. It captured everything she is doing and making it clear that most women see right through her.


We have missed Lorde and her performance on SNL reminded us just how amazing she can be! Her new song “Green Light” is honestly pretty amazing and even with her strange “I’m alone in my bedroom” dancing.

She also sang her new song “Liability” on the show as well. Honestly, this might be my favorite new song out there. It is so pretty and she had Jack Antonoff playing the piano with her on stage. “They say you’re a little much for me, you’re a liability.”

Weekend Update

Anymore the majority of Weekend Update are jokes about Trump. Mainly because it is easy and relevant currently. But it is doing wonders for the fake news segment. For a while there, it wasn’t very funny at all. But this week’s was quite funny.

There was a segment with Jeff Sessions again and it was incredible because Kate McKinnon continued to say “I may talk cute but I’m dangerous”.

Shud the Mermaid

A man gets rescued by the god of the sea and then as to marry one of his daughters. Two are absolutely beautiful and then there is Shud. Shud and her friend are disgusting and are trying t his on the man and it was amazing.

Honestly, it was just idiotic and some of those sketches work. Sometimes they don’t have to be extremely intelligent, they just work when they’re dumb like this one is.

Shanice Goodwin Ninja-Rivals

This had the chance to be really stupid but it actually ended up funny. Basically two ninjas need to save their teacher. He was taken by the British Mob in the greater Charlotte area and they have to find him.

They’re shadows and hide from everyone before they end up saving him. And really, it ended up being really funny.

A Sketch for the Women

The women don’t get to talk and while this could have been dangerous, it ended up being funny. It showed those men who think they’re ‘allies’ but don’t let women speak. Even Lorde comes in to sing and Ace and Jake take over the performance.

Honestly, it was really funny.

Funeral Service

A funeral service for David the dentist turns into a concert of his greatest songs he wrote for the club. Honestly the normal ending sketch to an episode but really funny.

Overall, it was just a pretty great episode and a great one for Scarlett’s fifth time hosting.

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