Saturday Night Live Season 42 Episode 15 Octavia Spencer Recap


Finally, Saturday Night Live has returned and it is everything we’ve been missing from the show and it helps that Octavia Spencer was the host!

For weeks, we have missed Saturday Night Live. Mainly because the world has gone completely mental and there hasn’t been a new SNL to try and figure it all out. But now the wait is over and the show has finally returned! And this week, with host Octavia Spencer.

Cold Open

Jeff Sessions really is our Forrest Gump. But Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions as Forrest Gump is probably one of the greatest things we ever received. While the sketch wasn’t the best, it helped that Minny from The Help sat down next to him to give him one of her famous pies.

Really, it just happened because Alec Baldwin was on the west coast.


Octavia explained all of her 16 roles as a nurse. But Hidden Fence Light is a movie we definitely want to see. She was a great opening host and it just showed us why we love her. She was so excited to be there and we were excited to have her.

And it helps that Octavia has a way of making fun of herself that relates to us all. And she made fun of everything and made sure we were all on her side.

The TBD Story

The story of one Republican who stood out against President Trump, the man who changed the world: TBD. This sketch was shady and great and literally what we all feel like right now. And, it will probably be played by Bradley Whitford.

It was just commenting on the fact that we’re waiting for someone to save us but we don’t know who it is going to be.


They don’t know how to rest a game. This sketch is literally just them continuing playing the same game move over and over again without stopping. That’s all this was. It was literally just them playing the same thing over and over and it never let up.

It needed a break and when Leslie Jones came into the scene, I thought we might get that. But no. Here we are, still with a sketch that literally was just the same thing over and over again.

Girl at a Bar

Again, someone at Saturday Night Live needs to learn how to rest a game. This is kind of the same thing as the Lawyer sketch. It was just the same thing over and over with no break. When it comes to sketches, it is funnier when you take a break from what’s funny in the scene.

With this, they just kept playing the funny thing and never gave a second to breathe. So it just ended up not being funny.


Again, can someone please inform them over at Saturday Night Live what it means to rest a game. This entire sketch was just “what impressions can people do.” There was no stopping and there was nothing else funny about it.

While it was pretty funny and made us laugh, the sketch itself was pretty dumb.

Random Kellyannes

This is going to be short because it was just funny that Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne popped up repeatedly. She was there on commercial breaks and it was great. That’s all.

Young Blood

Honestly the best sketch out of the first couple. It was honestly funny and a smart way of showing how older people judge ‘young bloods’. In the end, Pete Davidson got played so that Kenan could get $20 dollars.

But still, it was honestly kind of funny. And after a whole bunch of sketches were they didn’t really try, it was a nice thing to see.

Father John Misty

If you like his music, I’m sure this was great. But the thing about musical performances on Saturday Night Live is that it can make or break you. Many of the artists are not known to us all and so this is the first time we’re going to see them.

Father John Misty was fine. If just depends on what kind of music you’re into. If you’re not into his songs, then it’s just fine.

Weekend Update

When this was just Trump jokes, it was great. But like every great Saturday Night Live episode, it goes downhill fast. The minute they stopped with the political jokes, it turned into jokes that weren’t great and they made Che, who is already known for his comments on women, make a joke that wasn’t great for ladies.

So basically, it was just fine. Like most the rest of this episode.

Sticky Bun

Someone out there is begging the writers to please just let something funny sit for a minute and not beating it to death in every sketch. Again, they just made one funny thing and then ran with it for the entire sketch.

While it was funny, it just kept going and they never let up. Basically there are three employees going through training who don’t know how to properly deal with customers. That’s it.

Girl Time

Love a good awkward sketch where it is just slightly racist and really not funny at all. And that’s what this was. Cecily’s character seemed to try and push her ideas on her friend because she was black and honestly is just failed.

It wasn’t funny and it was just weird and then there was a friend moment and it was still just weird.


Steve brought a gun to work and then came back as a chocolate guy. Again, what a weird sketch and it just doesn’t make much sense.

The entire show was just weird this week and there really wasn’t anything to help it.

Spencers Employees

Octavia Spencer is the famous daughter of the owner of Spencers and she wants to know why her company is in the trash. Basically they made a pun on her name and ran with it. It was a nice final sketch to the show but again, it wasn’t that funny.

Everything about this show was just okay. Which sucks because Octavia definitely deserved better and she did a pretty great job. It was just that the sketches were really that funny.

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