10 Things We Want to See Happen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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4. R2D2 antics

It might be because it didn’t make sense to me, but I can’t remember what explanation The Force Awakens gave for R2D2 shutting down. Obviously, it was super convenient when he woke up just in time to complete the map, too.

Like, R2D2 served a lot of masters, so it didn’t make a lot of sense that he would go into low-power mode just because of Luke. It did, however, make sense that nobody at Lucasfilm wanted Artoo’s presence to diminish their new droid’s debut. (Yes, BB-8’s cute but is he better than Artoo?)

I shouldn’t have to remind everyone how important Artoo’s role in the franchise is. (Hey, no loose wire jokes.) As an astromech droid and co-pilot, Artoo kept Luke and Anakin alive. And as a messenger, he saved the Rebellion.

The Last Jedi ought to pay respect to that and give him something more to do than just guarding the ship with Chewbacca. Though, now that he’s on the Millennium Falcon, where does he sit? Is there a spot for him on the Falcon? While I think he rounds out the trio nicely between Chewie and Rey, I’d like to see him send an elevator in the wrong direction again.