10 Things We Want to See Happen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Rey (Daisy Ridley) flies the Millennium Falcon in ‘The Force Awakens.’ Image via Disney/Lucasfilm.

3. Rey puts a funny bumper sticker on the Falcon

After The Last Jedi had been on the internet for a few hours, I read something funny online where someone asked who was flying the Millennium Falcon if Rey was supposed to be on Ahch-To with Luke.

Of course, I fault no one for their limited knowledge of the Star Wars films or franchise as a whole. But to answer that train of thought, we have to go back to The Empire Strikes Back, or perhaps better known as the film where Luke goes to Dagobah to train with Yoda and hits his head on the roof of Yoda’s miniature hut.

In that film, Luke did some training, waited for Yoda to pull his X-Wing out of the lagoon, then left to Cloud City, where he sensed his friends were in trouble. If he can accomplish both of those things in the same film, why can’t Rey?

At the end of The Force Awakens, Rey basically inherited the Millennium Falcon and Chewie — and we all know how sacred the Falcon is — and she deserves to hang onto it. More importantly, the Falcon deserves to have a stable home and pilot. I mean, sure, Chewie can take it for a spin. But I don’t want it to become the Resistance’s Uber or something.

I want as many speed scenes as possible with Rey at the helm.