50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Jess Day – New Girl

I’ll be the first to admit that the term “adorkable” is wildly misogynist and diminutive, so I won’t mention it when talking about Jess Day and her wardrobe. However, it’s kind of impossible to discuss her A-line dresses and dark-rimmed glasses without using the word “cute.”

When New Girl first debuted in 2011, the hipster movement was just gaining steam, and folks weren’t so angry at their silliness and irrelevance. Jess Day came along as a palatable contribution to the hipster scene and wasn’t as threatening as all those ironic beards and suspenders.

Jess burst on the scene with her anachronistic swing skirts, ballet flats, and “aww-shucks” attitude, and folks loved it all. In fact, a lot of folks (me included) still find her style completely endearing.

She mixes patterns and colors, and is kind of brave in her choices. Who knew plaid and polka dots go so well with each other? Jess is whimsical, sassy and a complete free spirit, and her outfit choice speaks to these qualities in every turn. She also pays attention to detail and isn’t afraid to add a vintage brooch or textured tights.

Most of the time she looks like a cross between a grandmother and a toddler, but she pulls it off every time.