50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Buffy Summers – Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers slays in all the ways. Not only is she ridding the world of evil and malice one big bad at a time, but she looks so damn good in the meantime.

As a product of the late ’90s and early ’00s, Buffy fell victim to her fair share of tragic trends, but on the whole, she dressed like she was trying to save the world, which we all know she was. My favorite of all Buffy’s decisions have to be her prolific choice of leather. With leather jackets, leather pants, leather chokers, Buffy was unafraid to be tough. I mean… she had to be. She fought off countless villains and demons. Who knows how many times that leather saved her life from an enchanted or poisonous arrow?

Even though she dressed like a woman who meant business, and had the subsequent chops to back it up, she also knew how to flaunt her softness. As the series progressed, she went from frivolous teenager with butterflies in her hair, to sufficient young woman with buttery soft locks.

She probably would have benefited from wearing full on tactical gear and a Kevlar vest, but she always looked polished and ready to rumble. Sometimes her shoe choice was a little impractical, but hey, she made it work.

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Audrey Horne – Twin Peaks

Surely David Lynch pulled some inspiration from the salty Rizzo in Grease when he conceptualized the character of Audrey Horne. On the outside, she looked like a ’50s housewife turned wrong, but on the inside she carried a dark and temperamental personality.

Constantly competing with the dead Laura Palmer, Audrey constantly did things to shock and awe. She had a raw sexuality that slid out of her, and her conservative tweed skirts could be very deceiving. When her town is struck by the violent murder of her friend, Laura Palmer, Audrey used this opportunity to insert herself smack dab in the middle. Audrey giggled and winked her way into all sorts of mischief, but that alabaster skin and tight sweater was merely a subterfuge.

Too old to act as Lolita-esque as she appears, Audrey is dangerous in that she is constantly underestimated. FBI Agent Dale Cooper, there to investigate Laura’s death, fell victim to her wiles, possibly deceived by her vintage style and sly smile. Whatever Audrey’s true intentions were, her look was carefully constructed to confuse and obscure. She knew exactly what she was doing in that school girl skirt and used it to its fullest capability.