50 Best Dressed Characters On TV And Some Of Their Best Looks

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Harvey Specter – Suits

Yeah. Yeah. I know there’s more to a man’s wardrobe than a well made suit, but I just can’t help myself. This man is so incredibly attractive that you will burn your retinas just by looking directly at him. Maybe, with Harvey Specter, it’s more about the swagger than the actual clothes, but that Windsor knot certainly doesn’t hurt.

Harvey is a cutthroat, ruthless, New York lawyer, that hasn’t ever met a losing battle he didn’t win. He’s got a jaw you could cut glass on, and one look from those icy eyes have been known to melt knickers. He’s really that handsome.

All this hubris might be grating on another man, but it has the opposite effect in Harvey Specter. His tough exterior hides a loyal and compassionate heart and he would move heaven and earth to help his friends. That is, if it didn’t disrupt his pocket square, should he choose to wear one.

He’s the kind of man who could punch out a jerk in a bar, hold you while you cry, drive a hot rod in a street race, or charm your grandmother. He’s suave, confident, and as I may have mentioned, desperately handsome.